Whether you’re a teacher looking for a comprehensive lesson plan on subject-verb agreement for grade 6 students or a student learning English as a second language, this article will be your ultimate guide. Understanding subject-verb agreement is crucial when it comes to communicating in English effectively.

What is Subject-Verb Agreement?

In simple terms, subject-verb agreement refers to the agreement of the subject and verb in a sentence. The verb used must be in agreement with the number and person of the subject. For example, if the subject of the sentence is singular, the verb used must also be singular. Likewise, if the subject is plural, the verb must be plural.

Lesson Plan

Objective: To teach grade 6 students about subject-verb agreement and how to identify and correct errors in sentences.

Materials needed: Writing board, markers, exercise sheets, and student worksheets.

Warm-up activity:

The teacher should ask the students to write five sentences on the board. Some may be subject-verb agreement errors and some may not. Students will work in pairs to identify which sentences have subject-verb agreement errors and which do not.


Step 1: The teacher will introduce subject-verb agreement and provide examples of both correct and incorrect sentences. The teacher will then explain how to identify the subject and verb in a sentence.

Step 2: The teacher will provide more examples of sentences with subject-verb agreement errors and ask the students to identify the errors and correct them. They can work in pairs or small groups.

Step 3: The teacher will provide students with an exercise sheet and ask them to complete the sentences with the correct verb forms. The exercise sheet will include sentences with subject-verb agreement errors.

Step 4: The teacher will review the exercise sheet with the students and discuss the correct verb forms for each sentence. Students will be asked to explain why they chose the particular verb form.

Step 5: The teacher will provide students with a worksheet to assess their understanding of subject-verb agreement. The worksheet will include sentences with subject-verb agreement errors, and students will be required to identify and correct these errors.


The teacher can assess the student`s understanding of subject-verb agreement through the exercise sheet and worksheet. Students` progress can be evaluated based on their ability to identify and correct the errors.


Effective communication requires an understanding of subject-verb agreement. By teaching grade 6 students about subject-verb agreement, teachers can help them communicate effectively in English. The provided lesson plan will be helpful to teachers needing a comprehensive guide for teaching subject-verb agreement.